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The U8 Program is focused on the Gliding Start & Skier Essentials phases of the LTAD. Introducing the elements of gliding, tucking, moving over terrain and jumping skills to young athletes. At this stage, children should focus on discovering winter sports in a playful environment where they can develop fundamental movement skills while playing on skis. Structured and unstructured environments are used to encourage the development of a broad range of technical skiing skills.

Program Cost:
BASE PROGRAM: Saturdays OR Sundays COST: $600.00

BASE+ PROGRAM: Saturdays AND Sundays COST: $850.00

**Additional training at this stage is not necessarily suitable for all children and may require approval of the Program Director and Senior Coaching Staff to participate.

Lead Coach: Jenna Marinigh, Kelsey Forestell, Haley Koopman
Assistant Coaches: TBD

# of Weeks: 14
First Day on Snow: Saturday December 14, 2019

Target Training to Competition Ratio: 12:1 (4 to 6 race starts)

Target Athlete to Coach Ratio: 6:1 maximum

Training Focus:
• 75% of the training volume should be focused on free skiing throughout the season.
• Fun courses with turn radii equal to the child’s ski radius.
• Brushes, stubbies, limited introduction to junior gates
• Athletes are encouraged to be skiing 2-3 times per week, with an overall target of 45 days on snow.

Races Included in Program:
• NAC Invitational
• Fun Day
• Club Championships


For any program questions, please e-mail: