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U10/U12 Enhanced Program

This program is catered to participants that have progressed into the Learn to Train stage development leading to understanding basic rules, tactics and strategy and refinement of ski racing specific skills. The primary focus in the learn to train stage is to develop solid technical skill execution in all situations and environments at varying speeds. Ski racers begin to understand the use of dynamic, athletic turns in the different training environments to gain or maintain speed. In this stage, skiers are becoming ski racers and working on consolidation of their foundational movement and technical skiing skills in structured and unstructured environments. Create intrinsic motivation to become better ski racers through skill competitions. The focus on this stage is not on individual results, it is on providing a wide variety of experiences that fit the individual athletes challenge zone to enhance athlete confidence and skiing skill acquisition.

This program includes unlimited access to all training sessions offered by NAC and can include training opportunities up to 5x per week.

Every athlete at this stage has different needs and the ability to handle training volume will vary greatly. Each athlete will have an Individual Athletic Plan prepared for the season which will identify their specific training requirements to support the competitions they wish to attend. Participation in this program is also influenced by the recommendations of the coaching staff to ensure athletes are adequately prepared for the program.

The program is designed to support additional racing opportunities including racing in the USA and culminating the season at the U10 / U12 Honda Cup in Sault Ste. Marie.

This program will introduce athletes to additional training resources such as video analysis and wireless timing on a more frequent basis with occasional opportunities to train with the U14 / U16 athletes.


U10 / U12 Enhanced Program 

Program Cost:  $1,250.00

BASE PROGRAM: Saturdays AND Sundays
+ Thursday AND Friday Twilight

Lead Coach: Tobias Porter
# of Weeks: 14+

First Day on Snow: Saturday December 14, 2019

Target Training to Competition Ratio: U10 - 9:1, 8 - 10 race starts, U12 – 7:1, 10 - 12 race starts

Target Athlete to Coach Ratio: 6 - 8:1

Training Focus:
• 50 – 65% of the training volume should be focused on free skiing throughout the season.
• Fun courses with turn radii equal to the child’s ski radius.
• Brushes, stubbies, junior gates, introduction to Slalom
• Athletes are encouraged to be skiing a minimum of 3 times per week, with an overall target of 60+ days on snow for U10, and 80+ days on snow for U12.

Races Included in Program:
• NAC Invitational
• Lydia Kutra GS / Mount Baldy SL
• NJRS or USSA races
• Fun Day
• Club Championships
• Honda Cup at Searchmont in Sault Ste Marie

Participation in off-season dryland training and other multi-sport activities is strongly encouraged. Participation in the December Fall Camp is highly recommended.

**The program does not include travel expenses or entry fees for away races.

For any program questions, please e-mail: