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U6 Little Rippers


This program is designed for little racers that may not be able to ride the lift on their own yet, but are interested in racing and are already strong independent skiers. This program is designed as a pre-entry point to our core racing program and is only for advanced and independent little rippers, it is not a replacement for proper instruction and lessons offered through the ski school. 
At Loch Lomond - children should be able to confidently ski the Snoopy, the Sunbowl and the Chicken.

Please note: Parents will be expected to accompany the group and ride the lift with their athletes during these sessions.

This program runs on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. only for 8 weeks starting in January.

Program Cost:
Sundays ($350) 

Lead Coach: TBD
Assistant Coaches: TBD

# of Weeks: 8
First Day on Snow: Sunday, Jan 10, 2021.

Target Athlete to Coach Ratio: 6:1 maximum (note - parents or another able skier must accompany each Little Ripper)

Training Focus:
• 75% of the training volume should be focused on free skiing throughout the season.
• Fun courses with turn radii equal to the child’s ski radius.
• Brushes, stubbies, limited introduction to junior gates

Races Included in Program:
Little Rippers are welcome at all eligible races based on coaches' recommendations.

For any program questions, please e-mail: