Refund/Change of Program Policy

Refund/Change of Program Policy

Elective Withdrawal:

No refunds will be given after the start of the first day of programming.

Membership and AOA Fees:

All refund inquiries regarding Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA) fees are to be directed to AOA member services.

Refund Due to COVID-19:

If Norwesters Alpine Club programming is terminated at any time due to a provincial/local health order related to COVID-19, registration fees will be refunded pro rata based on the number of scheduled days remaining in the season. *

*NAC will first meet its financial obligations and consider any “sunk” costs before issuing refunds. We will strive to issue as close to a full pro-rated discount as possible; however, the financial sustainability of the club must be fulfilled first.

Norwesters Alpine Club reserves the right to hold off on issuing refunds until the end of the season. In this way, if there is a chance programming resumes after a potential closure of facilities or terminated programming, a more accurate refund can be issued based on the actual number of missed training opportunities.

Withdrawal Due to In-Season Injury:

If an athlete is injured during the season and is unable to continue in the program, the Injured Athlete Refund Policy will be the same as the “Refund Due to Covid-19” policy. A doctor’s certificate will be required.

Withdrawal Due to Dismissal:

Under no circumstances will a refund of any kind be made to athletes or families who are dismissed from the program or the Club for breaches of team policies, including the Code of Conduct.

Daily Cancellations Due to Weather:

No partial or prorated refunds will be offered for cancelled training days due to weather conditions.

Program Changes:

All program changes are at the discretion of the Program Director.

Program Change Fees:

Athletes looking to upgrade their program offering during the season (space permitting) will be required to pay the difference between the cost of the two programs. Fees will be prorated based on the pricing and days remaining (as per the Club calendar) for the selected program.