Upcoming Events

Details to be shared once finalized.


The NAC Invitational SL,GS&PSL will be held during these dates.

23rd February - Slalom,

24th February - Panelled Slalom,

25th February - Giant Slalom,

Club Championships 2024

The Club Championships GS will be held during these dates at Loch Lomond. The event is open to anyone that holds a Loch Lomond Membership for 2024.

3rd March - Giant Slalom

Pro-Race 2024.

Pro-Race is a head to head Dual GS race on the Pine at Loch Lomond. Its a Ski Haus hosted event, run by volunteers from NAC. It’s two days of head to head action all ages can compete for the dash for cash.

23rd March - Qualifiers,

24th March - Dash for Cash Race,