U8 Program

The U8 Program is focused on the gliding start & skier essentials phases of the LTAD. Introducing the elements of gliding, tucking, jumping and moving over terrain skills. Athletes start off on a lower gradient of terrain at the beginning of the season and progress to more challenging terrain.

Eligible U8 Athletes for 2023 – 2024 (Birth Year 2017, 2016) (Ages 6 & 7)

# of Weeks: 14
First Day on Snow: Sunday December 17, 2023
Last Day on Snow: Sunday March 17, 2024

BASE PROGRAM: Sundays - 10:00am to 3:00pm
COST: $825.00

Target Training to Competition Ratio: 12:1 (4 to 6 race starts)

Target Athlete to Coach Ratio: 6:1 maximum

Training Focus:

  • 75% of the training volume should be focused on free skiing throughout the season.

  • Fun courses with turn radii equal to the child’s ski radius.

  • Brushes, stubbies, limited introduction to junior gates

  • Athletes are encouraged to be skiing 2-3 times per week, with an overall target of 45 days on snow.

Coaching at Races Included in Program:

  • NAC Invitational (only race with race entry included in program price)

  • LSDA Fun Day

  • Club Championships

For any program questions, please e-mail: nacracing2010@gmail.com